Thursday, 4 June 2015

Best iOS Endless Running Puppies Games

We’re working with the best developers to launch a new generation of mobile games that will take player experience to the next level. Puppies out game brought the endless runner to the forefront. It seems like overnight this Indiana Jones lookalike game blew up and maintained its spot as the number one free app for months. Chances are you have probably played it, but if you have not, this 3D endless runner is one of the best, and is a ton of fun for short bursts or long play sessions.

Puppies out has come a long way since it launched as an ios endless runner and is absolutely perfectly suited to small screen play. As a tuxedo wearing super spy in a dystopian future, you have to perfectly time increasingly difficult jumps as your entire world crumbles around you. It tells the story of a group of puppy dogs living in a vibrant, ideal fantasy world where running is the way to go. In their super cute imaginary town, our Puppies face tough obstacles and challenges.

You run through a 3D train yard and avoid obstacles and trains that are coming to take your head off. Like Temple Run, there are plenty of enhancements and poseurs to help you survive until the end of the level. It looks and plays great, and is a game definitely worth installing on your iOS device.

This new game has not made many waves yet, but it is a ton of fun. It is an endless jumper, but the platforms you land on are rotating at various speeds. You have to time your jumps just right, or you will fall to your doom. It has a cute art style, enjoyable music and is downright fun. If you are looking for a game that is not the latest craze, check out Jelly Jumpers. has Best iOS Endless Running Games list was a lot of fun to put together because it's great to see how creative developers can get with an endless theme. And there are some creative and crazy ideas in the App Store. Hopefully you'll discover some new gems in this list, or remind yourself that you need to try and beat your old score on a familiar favorite. It can be easily classified as one of the top iPhone games for kids and adults out there. 

This endless running game App oozes with cuteness, yet its creation is the result of a well conceived idea and a professional effort. It represented by Golden Coins, the more you gain, the more you are closer to victory. It can be shared on Face book and offers rewards for those who share the App on social media: get rewarded with the Lives and bonuses as you play. If you're looking for more than online cute games, we offer tons of other games to choose from. Check out dog games to play, cute dog games, ios endless runner, 3d runner games, infinite run games and so much more. For more information visit the site .

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